Playful Paws Dog Sitting provides special, reliable, secure, and comprehensive "in your home" dog care throughout the Omaha metro and surrounding areas. We believe every pet is happier and healthier when allowed to stay in their own home and familiar surroundings. Playful Paws Dog Sitting is an educated and caring dog sitting service in every sense of the words, which is what makes us so exceptional! Not only do we provide care for your dog while you’re out of town, we care about them and their welfare and happiness.

There is so much more to caring for a dog than putting a bowl of food down. Sure, I take care of the essentials — feeding, changing water, letting the dog out, etc. — but I also go above and beyond what other sitters do by spending true quality time with your dog, administer their medication, brush them, and even spend quiet time with elderly, disabled, sick or shy dogs. At the end of the day, you can rest assured that Playful Paws Dog Sitting will follow your instructions in intricate detail.

I am vigilant about changes in your dogs’ behavior, whether their outdoor habits, appetite, water consumption, or socializing changes because you’re away, or they’re just their normal self. I have loved and cared for many dogs and taken countless hours of dog training. I am a dog lover.

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EXCITING NEWS!!! Playful Paws Dog Sitting has partnered with Hands, Hearts and Paws. We will be offering 10% off the first dog sitting visit for anyone who has adopted from HHP. Additionally, every visit thereafter Playful Paws will donate 5% of the customers total bill to the rescue. We see this as a win-win situation for everyone! 



Why Choose Playful Paws Dog Sitting?

  • Insured through Pet Sitter Associates
  • Dog First Aid Certified through the Red Cross
  • Celebrating years of service (Playful Paws Dog Sitting started in March 2011)
  • No guests on dog sitting visits which allows me to focus my undivided attention on your pets and home
  • Services customized to meet your needs
  • No holiday surcharges
  • Volunteer our extra time at Hands, Hearts and Paws rescue

I'm very proud of the great customer service that I provide. I am dedicated to providing the best dog sitting service in the Omaha metro and always have customers willing to provide references if needed. Click Here to View Comments From Our Customers.

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